Polaris Adrift

Not in the brochures.


The princess threw up.

“I didn’t think you had it in you, what with how you’ve eaten recently. Or haven’t.”

“You do well by respecting my countenance. But another quip about my zero-G nausea, and you’ll be breathing vacuum. Or won’t.”

Casey smiled. It was good to poke the boss. The regent didn’t care enough for interplanetary shipping; it was Her Highness’s influence that made it happen. Someday, the orphan would be Queen of the Federation, and they’d get some proper ships . . .

“Best get used to it, ‘red-top’. The Hohmann transfer to Mars takes months. Your next birthday will be in zero-G.”

“By the end of this trip, I’m sure I’ll be a first-class spacer. And a Martian! I feel a little better. Let’s go see the control deck.”

But the next day, the princess threw up again.

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